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Green Worldwide is headquartered in South Carolina with offices in New York City. We have consulted on projects in Africa, India, and the Carribean. We believe that decentralized renewable energy is the future of both developing and developed economies and work to bring our waste management, and energy generation expertise to any situation to which it can add value.

Turning the scourge of solid waste into a safe and clean fuel is our passion. Join us on our mission to bring this to the world.

Green Worldwide


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Engineering and Regulatory Pioneers

SCS Engineers®, is an environmental consulting and contracting firm serving public and private clients across the nation and around the world. Environmental engineers, consultants, and scientists work on solutions for pollution, energy consumption and emissions reductions, land remediation, water/wastewater treatment, and waste management. SCS Engineers strives to help their clients maintain the quality of their soil, water, and air, and to use resources more efficiently and less destructively as they deliver their products and services.

The core capabilities of SCS Engineers is in solid and hazardous waste management, renewable energy, remediation, carbon capture, measurement and verification, backed by environmental compliance experts. SCS works to prevent, mitigate and remediate environmental events, and use their environmental regulatory systems knowledge to help shorten project timelines and stay on budget.

20+ Years of Energy Generation from Waste

Nabla has perfected a proprietary technology which uses heat and kinetic interaction from various alternative fuels to generate energy in plants of medium scale. Nabla’s experienced team offers a turn-key solution which begins with basic operational analysis and system design and extends to the full engineering and building of commercial facilities.

Nabla boasts an experienced team with waste management, industrial engineering and energy efficiency expertise. Our dedicated teams combine engineering and design capabilities, placing us among the few in the alternative-fuel and distributed-energy market with proven technology and real-world experience.



Naif Hajjar
Co-founder/Partner and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Hajjar has over 14 years experience in the financial industry. With over a decade on Wall Street, he has focused on advisory for Renewable and Waste to Energy companies while having lead a team with a wide range of investment services at multi-billion dollar brokerage firms...

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Jonathan Beirn
Partner and Chief Operations Officer

Jonathan Beirn is an expert in all phases of procurement and negotiation. With years of experience in philanthropy, consulting, and economic analysis overseas, he has successfully engaged local municipalities, members of parliament, the affluent and the political classes on the ground in Africa, India, and Mexico...

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Victor De Avila
Technology Partner and Chief Technology Officer

Sr. De Avila has extensive international experience in the energy sector where he has worked for more than 12 year. During this Tenure he was employed by Booz Allen & Hamilton and AT Kearney, both international strategic management consulting firms that perform strategic and operational projects...

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Shaun Cohen

Mr. Cohen is formally trained in psychology, philosophy, neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, he is fluent in the blockchain, marketing, and sustainability domains. Mr. Cohen brings his diverse set of skills to the Green Worldwide team augmenting the existing technology with predictive and intelligent systems to maximize combustion and fiscal efficiency...