Modular. Effecient. Clean.


Green Worldwide provides tailored solutions to businesses - specifically industrial companies and manufacturers - eager to convert their waste from a liability into an asset.

Our advanced technology is efficient at small scales allowing onsite solutions with a small physical footprint and minimal permitting needs.


Our Technology:
Thermal Oxidation

Green Worldwide develops landfills in order to tackle both the endemic cycles of poor sanitation and energy shortages. Our mission is to build one of the largest waste management networks in the world using the most advanced and efficient waste-to-energy systems developed. Thermal Oxidation has a proven twenty year track record with plants currently operating in Asia, South America and Europe. These plants are ideal for poor infrastructure environments as they are: compact, hyper-efficient, and use a remarkably clean oxidation technology, which easily handles Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), biofuel, industrial, and commercial waste.


Thermalytic Oxidation

The heart of Green Worldwide’s proprietary waste-to-energy solution is a themaltyic oxidizer which uses a highly regulated airflow and temperatures between 800-1,100°C to thoroughly combust virtually any type of waste introduced to the system.

The system is versatile: it can handle solid waste, liquid waste, and gaseous waste - simultaneously.

The system is robust: by avoiding fragile materials and moving parts internally, our systems have track records of 20+ years with 93% uptime.



The proper handling and disposal of waste is costly and logistics intensive. Moreover, with ever changing regulations and a recycling market which has recently been up-ended, handling waste internally is good business.

Green Worldwide is uniquely positioned to help companies convert this waste liability into a fuel asset. Manufacturing production waste, packaging, used fuels, biomass, plastics, and much more can be reclaimed and converted into a useful onsite fuel by our technology.

Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

Green Worldwide’s systems are capable of generating large amounts of power, cleanly and efficiently, as steam/heat, electricity, or combination of the two while staying within local and national emissions guidelines and regulations.

Tailored & Turnkey

Tailored & Turnkey

Every company is different, and Green Worldwide has an experienced team of engineers and experts to tailor the right solution for your company.


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